Shopping on the Wish website… Is it legit? And will anything show up from our order?

4 Jul

I keep seeing ads for wish on Facebook – does everyone else get those? Weird items with no description – you’re not quite sure what they are and sometimes you just have to click to find out!

My daughter has always wanted to order from those types of sites but I was nervous about using our real credit card. So for an end-of-the-school-year treat I decided to buy a prepaid card so there would be no risk and surprise her with a shopping spree on Wish.
I was really curious what you could get for $100 – and how many of the items we will really end up receiving.Tried to pick a weird mix of items, some clothes, some household items, some fun stuff.I find the first thing to check out after the price is to see what the shipping description is. Items can range in shipping from $1 up to probably unlimited. I found most items to be anywhere $2 to $10. Often an item that seemed really cheap, once you tacked on the shipping you could get it cheaper in person.So, make sure to really take that into account. There are promotions and free items you can find too, it’s worth getting familiar with the site.
We we ended up with 18 items in our cart and we were a little bit over our total. So I googled and found a promo code, and with shipping and everything our total for those items was only $86 Canadian!

We got 2 bathing suits, coffee decal, a pair of overalls,a dress, a necklace, cute highlighters, a coffee clock that sticks to the wall, some sort of hair accessory, six rings and one ring, a Gilmore girls matching necklace, Harry Potter-esque hoodie, stickers, squishy toys, the office stickers and two pairs of headphones.
It took us quite a while to pick all of these and really narrow down what we wanted. So many choices for every single item.
One thing I really didn’t enjoy with the clothes, is that the price you see is only for one size on most items. So a $4 item in small might be $20 in large. That got me kind of frustrated with the clothing….for the kiddo it was fine because she was in the smaller sizes anyways. Make sure to read the reviews carefully because people actually upload photos and it’s very helpful.

Everything we ordered was processed within a few days and so far everything has shipped.We have items that are supposed to be arriving as early as July 13th and the latest is August 8th.From what I’ve heard and read online it seems a lot of things go missing, and not to expect to get everything. apparently the company is pretty good about giving refunds also. So, we will be putting that to the test soon.

If you’re going to order, use promo code wphtyyt on your first order to get up to 50% off! Get the app here: I get a reward too!

This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed, and I will be updating and giving you guys the straight scoop on what actually happens!Any guesses as to what actually shows up? And when? And the best part – will anything fit?

2 Replies to “Shopping on the Wish website… Is it legit? And will anything show up from our order?

  1. Yes! I’ve bought many things from Wish. They have many crazy deals on there and sometimes you can find the same item for cheaper if you sift around. It will take a while to arrive so be patient! Also the second you order you’ll be bombarded with emails from them highlighting new sales. I just move them so it doesn’t usually bother.

  2. Good luck! I’ve always wondered about Wish as well…and really questioned some of the items they choose for click bait on FB….

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