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4 Jan

Shopper’s Drugmart offers Optimum points – you just need to sign up for a card and it’s free.

You earn points on everything you buy (except giftcards and a few other products like that) and they add up very quickly. Shopper’s sends out bonus coupons, there are bonus points in store and of course there are the 15x and 20x the points days.

The different levels of points are:

8000 = 10$

220000 = 30$

38000 = 60$

50000 = 85$

95000 = 170$

There are also a few times during the year where they offer mega redemptions, where your points are worth even more – like 95000 will be worth 200$.

On a 20x the points day if you spend 50$ you would earn 10000 points – so more than 10$ back in points, and worth even more on the mega redemption days.

Here’s a few examples from my last shopping trips (found some old receipts) – one i spent 60$ and earned 12350 points and the other i spent 85$ and earned 17400 points. So, for spending 145$ on groceries i earned about 30000 in points – over 40$ back at the base amount – about 80$ at the highest level on bonus days! 🙂 We started last year doing our groceries there every time there’s 20x – they usually have good prices and lots of clearance on dairy, school snacks, eggs – just the basics – and by xmas time we had earned enough points for 750$ in redemptions. I’ve never found or heard of another store that you can earn rewards so quickly by just doing your regular shopping.

If anyone has more questions post them up – or good tips too! 🙂 Some people have really gotten good at shopping there and earning tons of Optimum points throughout the year – we enjoy shopping there because there are 2 close to us, and 1 of them is 24 hours too. You’ll be surprised too if you haven’t wandered around a Shopper’s Drugmart lately – they sell almost everything now!


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  1. I only started collecting the points in the last 2 years and have cashed in points on mega redemption days for over $300 of free stuff – we got a wii fit, ps3 controllers and lots more for free.
    You can earn even more points if you get a Shoppers Optimum Mastercard, I got 15,000 points bonus on a first purchase. And you get 25 points per dollar spent vs. 10 points normally. So you get 2.5 times as many base points (you don’t get 2.5 times the bonus points on bonus days). I fyou use the mastercard anywhere else you get 5 points per dollar.
    As long as you are diligent in paying off your credit cards every month! Pay for the purchase as soon as you get home from the store so you don’t forget!

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