Shoppers Drugmart Super Spend Your Points event!!

5 Sep

If you’ve been saving up your Optimum points this is a great weekend for a shopping spree! For free, of course! 🙂 This Saturday and Sunday Shoppers has their super spend your points event which means your points are worth a lot more!

Spend 25,000 points and get $50 off – extra $16.

Spend 50,000 points get $110 off – extra $25.

Spend 95,000 points and get $220 off – extra $50!

Lots of great sales this week whether you’re shopping or redeeming – sidekicks are 88 cents, christie stuff is $1.88, 24 packs of water are $2.39!

So, if you’re redeeming you might need a 2nd cart!

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