Shopper’s Drugmart bonus points day!

17 Jun

This Wednesday June 19th, spend $50 at Shopper’s Drugmart and get a bonus 8000 points!

You need to print out this coupon – points will be awarded on June 26th.

So many bonus points this year at Shoppers – quick way to get a lot of points for those big redemption weekends.

2 Replies to “Shopper’s Drugmart bonus points day!

  1. I shopped the bonus points events this weekend and couldn’t believe how many points I racked up (20x if you spent $50). The one day deals were excellent as well on Saturday, and then there were a few items that I guess they must have price matched as well because I didn’t see them listed in the flyer. I was extremely pleased – guess I’ll be shopping at SDM more often!

    • Good to hear! Once you start shopping more there and you see the points accumulate fast, it’s a lot more enticing to do more of your regular shops there for sure!! Save up your points for the mega redemptions and it goes even further 🙂

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