Shopper’s Drugmart 20x

18 Nov

It’s 20x this Saturday at Shopper’s Drugmart. I hear that they are having the big redemption weekend dec. 3rd, so this is the last chance probably to get a lot of points for it! 🙂 Lots of good deals just for saturday, 1l pops are 99 cents, pot of gold chocolate are 4$, maxwell house is 5.99, sugar is .99, purex is 3.77, batteries are 7.99, vim and sunlight are 99 cents.

If you’re new to Shopper’s and don’t get the points system post up your questions. I find it to be by far the best points system out there, easy to earn rewards buying regular groceries. On 20x days you earn back about 1/4 of your purchase amount in points – you can actually calculate it right on their site. And on the mega redemption day the points are worth way more – like 95000 is usually worth 170$, on dec. 3rd it should be worth 250$! 🙂 And 50000 will be worth 125$ I hear.

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