Senior Discounts in Canada

20 Nov

senior discounts

There are so many great discounts available at all kinds of restaurants and events just for seniors! It’s amazing how much you can save by just checking this list! If you’re not a senior yet, make sure to share these with a senior you know! Here are a lot of them:

Michaels has 10% off everyday for 55 and older

Bulk Barn has 10% off Wednesdays for 65 and older, not valid on sale items

Safeway offers 10% off every 3rd Wednesday of the month for 65 and older

Shoppers Drugmart has 20% off on the last Thursday of the month for 65 and older with an optimum card, not valid on sales items

M&M Meats has their seniors day on Tuesday for 60 and older – 5% off purchases under $30 and 10% for over $30

Rexall has 20% off on Tuesdays for 55 and over

The Bay has it on the first Tuesday of the month, 15% off for 60 and older

McDonald’s has discounted coffee for seniors

Rona does it on the 1st Tuesday of the month, 10% off for 55 and older

Salvation Army gives 10% off every day to those 60 and older

Value Village has it on Tuesdays, 30% off for 60 and older

Laura Secord has it on the first Monday of the month, 10% off for 65 and older

Wendy’s gives 10% off everyday to 65 and older

Denny’s just has a seniors menu

Applebee’s has 15% off everyday for 55 and older.

Arby’s has discounts on certain items for 55 and older

Burger King also offers certain discounts for 55 and older

Salisbury house has a seniors menu only

Celebrations offers discounts Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for those 60 and over

UltraCuts has $1 off everyday and $2 off on Wednesdays for 60 and over.

Cineplex has discounted ticket prices for 65 and over

Landmark Theatres also has senior discounts

Winnipeg Art Gallery has $10 off a membership and $4 less on admission just for seniors 60 and over.

Manitoba Museum has senior discounts – they pay the same prices as youth and students

Canadian Museum for Human Rights has discounted seniors rates for 65 and over

Ticketmaster offers discounts on many concerts and events for seniors

Make sure to ask when you’re at the checkout if they offer any discounts for seniors – one simple question can end up saving you quite a bit! And some of the places start the “senior” category at a pretty low age so this covers quite a bit of the population! Great way to save some money when going out to eat, to events etc. There were so many for travel also, almost all hotels and modes of transportation will give some sort of discount or perk to seniors.

I added some local ones that are just for Winnipeg – but similar places in other cities should be offering similar discounts.

If I’ve missed any make sure to add them in the comments and I will update!

22 Replies to “Senior Discounts in Canada

  1. Petland has seniors day the last Thursday of the month, 20% off regular prices. Must be 60 years old or older.

    Pet Valu also has seniors day the last Thursday of the month, 10% off regular prices. Must be 60 or older.

  2. Red River Co-op has 10% off on the third Wednesday of every month for seniors day. Seniors are 60 and over.

  3. buy a senior membership at Smittys restaurant for $5.oo and you get 15% of your meal and you also get a free meal for your birthday of the senior menu. It is good for a year and then you have to renew it.

      • Nope….. doesn’t work. Wish you would put the ‘right click’ back so I could copy and paste it. I don’t know how to take a screenshot (I pressed print screen – but nothing). I really would like to keep this list handy so I can reference it easily.

        • I soooo agree!! There have been many things I would like to save but cannot because I cannot right-click. Tech challenged so doing anything other than right-clicking doesn’t work for me (plus my printer doesn’t work so can’t print a screenshot, however you do that, anyway). Please allow us to right-click.

  4. Goodwill thrift stores have Senior’s 10% off every Tues and the last Friday and Sat. every month is Dollar days for all clothing.

  5. I have a seniors discount card for Smitty’s and it did not cost $5, it was free. Filled out an application in the restaurant and received the card in the mail. The card is good for five years and gives you 15% off and a free entrée for your birthday.

  6. According to their website, the Shopper’s Drug Mart discount is on the last Thursday of the month, not every Thursday.

  7. Actually, it is still 20% off on regular price for seniors every Thursday (trust me!) but on the last Thursday they have a bonus day with $50 purchase.

  8. Michael’s Regent Ave. Store doesn’t honour the senior discount. When I asked they told me the computers tills won’t let you enter it in??? But I understand the Bishop Grandin store honours it???

  9. I believe Vita health it’s only the last Friday of the month now on customer appreciation day and it’s 20% on vitamins health stuff and 10% on food. A1 nutrition at grant park is 10% every Tuesday and if you can’t make it Tuesday they will give it anyway. As well as points😃.
    I’m thinking of starting a Winnipeg seniors FB group does anyone want to join?

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