SCOP – Scanner Price Accuracy Code – Another way to save while shopping!

12 Jan

If you’ve ever noticed items ringing up incorrectly when you’re shopping – did you know you might qualify for a discount on those?

If the store participates in SCOP, you do!

What it means is if an item scans up wrong and costs under $10, you get it free. If the item is over $10 in price, you get $10 off. It’s only for your first item purchased – so if you’re buying multiples they will give you that discount on first one, and then just correct the price for the rest of them. It’ used to be known as Scanning Code of Practice, which is why the SCOP Part 🙂

Not every store participates in it, but if they do they will have signs up on the doors and also at checkout. Some of the participating stores are Walmart, Canadian Tire, Toys R Us, Sobeys, Safeway and many more! You can find the full list of stores and all of the fine print here – it’s a good idea to read it and become more familiar with the program. And to bookmark it, as some store employees aren’t that familiar with it.

Another great reason to really keep an eye on it while you’re checking out – not only will you not be overcharged, but you will be rewarded for their error. It’s a good incentive for stores to keep the prices updated too and correct mistakes quickly.


3 Replies to “SCOP – Scanner Price Accuracy Code – Another way to save while shopping!

  1. It’s a good idea to mention the program specifically at the checkout. At my Walmart, there are no signs posted about the program, and more than once, when I have disputed a scanned price, they say, “Okay, we will give it to you for that price.”, until I specifically mention the Scanning Code of Practice, and only THEN will they give the item to me for free. I’m sure that’s not exactly how the policy is supposed to work, but obviously some stores will try to get out of giving items away for free if they can. I have found that only by mentioning the program by name will they honour the proper discount.

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