Save On Foods $1.49 shop

19 Mar

Today is $1.49 day at Save On Foods – lots of great deals in store.

Figured this time I would show you guys what I ended up getting.

I’ll start this off saying that we have a full fridge, pantry and freezer, so this is not a regular type of shop. Just shopping for the deals and what we’re missing. I like to just go pick up the best deals and then have that stockpile for as long as it lasts for those. I use the marshmallows for the popcorn marshmallow recipe, and it’s one of my favorites so I grabbed extras of those.

My total after taxes was $67.54.

It’s almost entirely deal day items, but I did get asparagus on sale for $2, onions were $3.49, bananas were $1.27, soya sauce was $4.49 and the curry sauce was $5.69.

We are now well stocked up on drinks and snacks for when we have guests, movie nights etc.

Last time with this promotion they had a lot more veggies as part of it, but if you look around the store there is a lot of stuff that is extra discounted too so can get those too. They also really discount short dated stuff so look for that while you’re there.

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