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Save money using the library – borrow video games, free classes and much more!

by Nadine on January 11, 2018

When is the last time you went to the library?

Did you know that the average homeowner in Winnipeg contributes $38.52 annually to the library via their property tax bill? It might be time to check out your local library and get some use out of it, if you haven’t been.

They even have a great calculator you can use to see how much you can save by using the library.

There is so much you can borrow from the library – it’s not just books anymore. You can get video games! Yes, video games for free! That is a huge money saver! We’ve borrowed quite a few games for our WiiU and it’s a great way to test out games too, especially for kids. Also a fun free thing to do on cold days! They have Playstation, Wii, WiiU and Xbox games!

You can also borrow dvd’s, cd’s, magazines, ebooks, sheet music and much more! Some have a small fee – but a lot less than you’d spend anywhere else.

Another great thing at the library is all of their free events and classes! They have them for both kids and adults too – and it really varies. You can learn about wills, about travel, conversation groups, book clubs – my daughter even took a Dungeons and Dragons class for free last summer.

If you’re a new parent, there’s an amazing amount of events for little ones – great way to get out of the house, entertain the kid, meet other local families and it’s all free.

If you have a teen or tween, the Millenium library downtown has a great room for them – and their anime selection is great!

Another way to use the library is to add books or video games to your wait list online and get them delivered right to your local library. . No need to drive far to pick anything up. They will bring it over to your library of choice, and you can return it at your local one which is great!

You can plan ahead too and keep the kids busy during spring break and the summer break with their free classes.

It’s really worth a look through their site, or pop in and check out your local library. It’s such an amazing service for everyone – let’s use it! 🙂

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