Santa Claus Parade!

7 Nov

This Saturday Nov. 12th is Winnipeg’s Santa Claus Parade! This snow today really helps set the mood! 🙂

The parade starts at 5pm, there’s lots going on the whole day – check it all out on their site – there’s a lot of info about parking, closed streets etc.  Always good to check, it gets so busy out there! Anyone have any good tips? Mine, which I had shared on facebook is to dress properly!! Maybe bring a blanket – we ended up sitting on a cement planter or half wall kind of thing one year – we weren’t wearing ski pants! It wasn’t that cold that year, but sitting for that long on a cold surface wasn’t too fun! 😉

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  1. I’d suggest bringing a stroller. If you are there early enough the kids can sit in it but even if they don’t get to use it to sit in it is terribly helpful to haul all of your blankets and snacks. Aswell on the walk to and from the parade it is terribly crowed (also at the Forks) I have 2 of my 3 kids sit in the bike traier I bring and one child is allowed out holding my hand. On a side note there were some people watching from the mts centre but load of open spots right by the window last year and since there is no hockey games that night, I wonder if it will be possible to watch in there?

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