Sample Source free samples -time to get ready!

15 Sep

Sample Source will be offering their free samples soon and because they go so quickly it’s a great idea to be organized in advance.It happens twice a year, once at the end of September and once at the end of March. It’s easy for me to remember and remind everyone, as one is near my birthday and the other is near my daughters. They’ve been using the same schedule for years.It always happens on a Tuesday so odds are it will be on the 22nd or 29th of this month.You need to have an account to get the samples, and they often sell out in the first two three hours. If you have an account it’s a good idea to log in now and make sure the mailing address is still correct and you remember the password.If you don’t have an account, now is the time to make one. And to let friends and family know.These can be really great samples to donate to local charities if you find you won’t use the items – they often have personal hygiene items, pet samples and also free stuff for babies etc. Those little sample sizes are really portable and people package them in Ziploc bags to donate. Just make sure to answer all of the questions accordingly 🙂
And make sure to follow me on social media as I will be posting the minute it goes live – and don’t wait to go get them as the number of items you qualify for goes down very quickly as they run out.

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