Safeway Monday Twitter Deal for March 9th and 10th 2015

9 Mar

Due to errors last week with the deal at some stores, this week Safeway is having the deal for two days!

If you’ve never gone for a Monday deal at Safeway it’s very easy to do – show the picture below on your phone at checkout, enter the plu# at self checkout and if you don’t have a smartphone you can even print it off.


Great deal! For $4 you get a frozen pizza, one Breyers product and either milk or pop!!

Hopefully there’s a lot of stock at stores since this deal lasts for 2 days.


Did you have problems with last week’s deal? Since Safeway has had these Monday deals for a year now, has this affected your shopping habits?

9 Replies to “Safeway Monday Twitter Deal for March 9th and 10th 2015

  1. No it has not affected my shopping habits – the Monday Safeway deals are always for prepared food and junk like pop – prepared meals are so unhealthy for you – so I refuse to buy them!
    Too bad they did not do the Monday deals for FRESH produce/veggies

    • I think it would be pretty hard for them to organize it with fresh food. They do sometimes include milk but that’s about it. We use these meals for nights we’d normally get take out – huge savings there that you can put toward regular groceries 🙂 Often there’s good produce deals at the same time so it’s nice to combine it all.

      • We enjoy these deals when I remember to get the coupon. It is not like we eat this every single meal 😉 A bit of junk food here and there is not going to kill you.

  2. We use the pizza’s when we are in a tight time frame for sports – home at 5:00 sports for 6:30 with a 30 minute drive in-between sort of day. The Safeway at Kenaston near Lindenwoods was out of Breyers Ice Cream classic so they were substituting Lucerne ice cream until they got more in.

  3. great deals at Safeway but they don’t have enough
    stock and some Safeways give rain checks but the one at
    Kenaston refuses to participate. If you are going
    to refuse then post a notice saying so. And make sure
    you have enough stock. Kenaston store really
    ticked me off

    • they refused from the start Stella? that’s not good – our local store has been great with these deals. But the difference from store to store and how they handle it is very confusing. Moving forward i hope they make some concrete rules. This is such a great promotion every week, hope it keeps going.

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