Safeway Monday Twitter Deal is today because of holiday!

16 Feb

mondaySo – it’s Tuesday! 🙂 And it’s time for the Safeway Monday Deal! Because of Family Day and Louis Riel Day in certain provinces, Safeway moved the deal to today!

The deals are available at participating Safeway stores across Canada – but not at Sobeys.

Easy to redeem – pick up the items as shown in the picture, when you’re at checkout you show the picture on your smartphone. If no smartphone you can just print it out.

For $8 you get a pizza, a 1L of milk and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

3 Replies to “Safeway Monday Twitter Deal is today because of holiday!

    • you get all three items – already a lot of people have picked up the deal. The original pic was confusing though, they changed it. But choosing between $1 milk and $6 ice cream would have been a no brainer for most I think 😉

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