Safeway Monday Twitter Deal for June 22nd 2015! Ice Cream!

22 Jun

mondayIt’s Monday – time for another Twitter Deal from Safeway! If you’re new to these, it’s very easy to redeem. If you have a smartphone you can just show the picture below on your phone. If no smartphone you can print it out – remember that every customer needs to have a copy of it in their hands to redeem.

For $6 you get the frozen meal, either a 1L milk or 2L pop and the Haagen Daz ice cream! Great deal!

Just for my own curiosity and fun, how have these deals affected your shopping style? Did you ever shop at Safeway before, or has this gotten you in the door? What kind of deals would you like to see them offer on Mondays – any combinations you are waiting for?

Remember this deal is for today only – so share it! 🙂


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