Safeway Monday Twitter deal for April 13th 2015!

13 Apr

Another Monday, another Safeway deal! I know a lot of people get confused by this one – there’s no “coupon” you need to have, just the photo below. When you go to Safeway pick up the items as shown below, and then you have a few options. You can show them the picture on your phone or if no internet save a copy of it. If you don’t have a phone you can print it out or use the plu# at self checkout. You need to have it with you in one of these ways.


For $5 you get perogies, sour cream and either milk or sparkling water!

Remember this deal is for today only – make sure to share it with friends and family 🙂

And check back next week for another great Safeway deal on my Winnipeg Blog! And many others during the week too of course from all kinds of other places!

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