Safeway Monday Twitter Deal for February 9th!

9 Feb

Good way to start off the week – time for another Safeway Twitter Deal. If this is your first deal, it’s very easy to redeem. Head to Safeway, grab the items as shown in the picture and at checkout just show them the picture with the plu#. If you don’t have a smartphone you can print it out, save a copy of it or use the self checkout and enter the plu#.

gnochi  This is one of their better deals – you get gnocchi, parmesan cheese and the sauce for just $6!

The gnocchi is in the regular pasta aisle at Safeway – and the parmesan is the smaller bottle.

If you haven’t tried gnocchi, it’s super easy to cook and seems to be a real hit with most kids. Also lots of good recipes to make with it if you google it.

Check back next week for another great Safeway Monday Deal!

*** Update – the gnocchi is buy one get one free this week at Safeway, so this great deal got even better!

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  1. Just bought this and checked my receipt.

    The cheese itself is regularly priced at $5.99. Gnocchi is $3.78 and sauce is $4,69. No trouble with the BOGO gnocchi.

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