Safeway Monday Meal Deal!

24 Mar

Every monday Safeway has a great meal deal posted up on twitter – if you’re not on twitter, don’t worry!

You just need the plu# listed in the picture – either write it down or pull up this post and show it to the cashier.

So far there have been all kinds of great deals – just remember to really look in the picture at the flavour/size to get it all right and should be no problems. Some stores have not had the correct sizes for previous deals and have made the changes for the customers. The deals are one day only too, so don’t wait!

Here is today’s deal:

monday   What a great deal!!


2 Replies to “Safeway Monday Meal Deal!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these Safeway Monday deals for the rest of us who do not have twitter. What a great one this was today. While I was there I found Greek yogourt that was on sale for $4 and then it was 50% off of that because it was close to the expiry date. I also discovered an entire bunker where they have 50% off ice cream!

    • Great finds Maureen! 🙂 And you’re welcome, I know most people don’t use twitter, might as well be the middle man so everyone can get these great deals.

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