Safeway Monday $5 Meal Deal!!

17 Mar

Every Monday Safeway posts up an amazing deal on twitter – there’s no coupon to print out, but you can show your phone to the cashier or give them the plu# off the picture. Some pretty amazing deals in the past few weeks! Make sure to look at the picture carefully, if you don’t have it on your phone write down the specifics of the deal so you make sure to pick up exactly the write products and sizes. Otherwise the deal doesn’t go through.

Today’s meal deal is a Swanson Skillet Sensation, a garlic bread and a San Pellegrino water for $5!


8 Replies to “Safeway Monday $5 Meal Deal!!

    • they just have to punch in the plu# – if you’re the first to do it at your store they can be a little confused it seems like. Most stores seemed to have no problems today. Which location did you go to?

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