Safeway email direct and Shopper’s Drugmart deals

16 Mar

Here are this week’s email direct coupons –  a bunch of 50% off coupons!

Shopper’s drugmart has spend $50 saturday or sunday get a free $10 tim’s card – tylenol for 6.99 – lots of coupons for this. Campbell’s soup is 59 cents, eggs are 1.99.

What do you guys think? Will shopper’s be doing the big redemption at xmas this year? Are you guys saving up for your points for that, or did you redeem last week?


2 Replies to “Safeway email direct and Shopper’s Drugmart deals

  1. They’ll probably do the big one at Christmas again, but I do spend some of my points during the rest of the year if I need something. I did redeem $100 last week for Easter treats and gifts.

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