Safeway email direct and Shopper’s deals

6 Jan

Here are this week’s email direct coupons¬†– bogof on windshield washer fluid (will come in handy this week!), and a few other deals.

Shopper’s drugmart has 2 deals this week – saturday and sunday spend 75$ and get 2 tickets for cineplex (25$ value) and the rest of the week spend 60$ get 8000 points (10$)

They have lots of sunday monday specials – crest for 1.79, batteries and chargers are 7.99 again – there are coupons in this week’s brandsaver for these. The chargers can be hard to find, at our store there’s usually only 1 left every time I’ve checked! With all the new coupons out it’s a good week to get organized and look for big sales and clearance!

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