Safeway E-Auction

24 Aug

Has anyone bid or ordered anything off the Safeway e-Auction site so far? If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a site where you can use your airmiles to bid on a bunch of stuff, like gift cards, electronics etc. They also have group buy deals every day where they have a certain number of products that need to be sold to get the deal – so far this seems to be pretty popular, the site has crashed twice. They had 32GB ipods for only 750 airmiles. Yesterday’s deal was a vacuum for 600 airmiles – that one is sold out already. The new group buy deals are every day at 10am our time. You need an access code to bid which you can get by shopping at Safeway. It’s worth checking out their site if you have enough airmiles, you never know what the daily deal or new auctions will be! 🙂

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