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30 Jul

I have to admit the 1st batch of these I received I thought were junk mail with an airmiles statement and I threw them in the garbage…yes, I did that!! I was kicking myself when everyone started telling me how awesome they were!! It’s something new they’re doing, seems that everyone is getting different ones and they’re pretty spot on for stuff you normally buy. My husband and I went to Safeway yesterday – another thing I have to admit is that I hadn’t done a regular grocery shop in over a month…it might have actually been two!! Just have been picking up milk, coffee cream and fruit and veg – eating lots out of the garden and out of the pantry and freezer. It was kind of nice – but it was time to shop for sure. I know I could have waited to get 10% off on Tuesday – but my mom was babysitting and to have my husband help out was worth more to me than the 10%! 🙂 The cart was so full and heavy it was nice to have him push! He knows my shopping style and we have a great system down. We had fun, got great deals and those Safeway coupons were perfect! Had one for 50% off KD, lots of bonus airmiles ones were stuff that was on sale, 50% off cereal that was on sale. We did a huge stockup, spent 185$, got 170 airmiles and used about 40$ in coupons…

So, yes, I admit it, I don’t actually like to shop that much! If the sales are awesome and I can go with a friend and have fun I’m there – if not I have a great stockpile and wait for sales and stock up again. We actually went to McGavins today so are good for bread for another month.

So, what kind of shopper are you?  What coupons did you get from Safeway?

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  1. I got a 50% Purex toilet paper one, and a 50% off for Pampers which was awesome, because it was on sale the week I used it too! A few others I don’t remember, but I agree, they’re spot on for stuff we buy!

    • It’s a neat idea – everyone knows they keep track of what you buy anyway – glad to see them making good use of the info. And the dates are good, you can wait til that product is on sale or has bonus airmiles. 50% off Pampers is awesome!

  2. I love the new personalized Safeway coupons. I get ones for toilet paper and tissues, Astro yogurt, potatoes, chick peas, Dr. Oetker pizza, all stuff I buy frequently!

    • Wow – those are some good ones. My mom was just here and she had gotten purex ones and it actually gave her the regular airmiles plus the bonus ones! 🙂 Good way to double up on the airmiles!

  3. I was on the way to safeway this afternoon and saw the unopened airmiles envelope on the table beside my coupon binder and opened it and WOW, what a great deal. I got bonus airmiles for coke, green giant select vegis, kraft parmesan shredded cheese, and 50% off stuffed chicken and old el paso salsa. All things I buy regularly. Whoo hoo! I spent $192, saved $65, got 125 airmiles, and didn’t buy anything I normally wouldn’t. I will be keeping my eyes out for these coupons from now on!

    • Wow – that’s awesome! It’s a great idea since it’s stuff you normally buy – love personalized coupons. And I like that it’s not tiny amounts – the 50% off ones are amazing!

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