Road Trips with the Ford Fiesta! #FordMB

5 Sep

Ford Fiesta  The Ford Fiesta has some amazing stats – a 1 Litre ecoboost engine, and engine so small it can fit in a piece of carry on luggage, the most fuel efficient non hybrid car.

I really didn’t know what to expect driving this car – how do these facts affect the average driver like me? And since it’s a small car and a small engine, how would it handle on the highway?

So, we decided to really put this car to the test! We did a series of daytrips in Manitoba to see how it would do – I’ll be documenting all the fun places we went to in future posts so stay tuned! And while you’re at it, if you’re planning travel within Manitoba check out Bartley Kives book – A Daytrippers Guide to Manitoba: Exploring Canada’s Undiscovered Province.

On our first road trip we were stuck behind drivers doing 90km on the highway and constantly braking, then speeding up and braking – as low as 70km. It got to be a little scary, and my husband wasn’t sure how much power the car would have for a quick pass. He wanted me to make sure to emphasize it had a lot of power! He couldn’t stop talking about that – we zipped by them and resumed our safe drive with no effort on the car at all.

I was a bit worried too since the car is super small, would you feel that push when you pass a semi on the highway? Glad to report after days and days of highway driving not one bit! It did really well on the highway and with this super noticeable green paint job you really don’t have to worry about people missing you! We actually got a lot of waves on the highway which was odd, but kind of nice. Not sure if it was the paint colour or just because we are in Friendly Manitoba – I’ll take it for either of those! And wow – how nice is it to instantly find the car no matter where you parked. The colour was bizarre to me at first, but by the end of the week I loved it. Busy mall parking lot? Who cares? You’ll see the car from a mile away!

As for the fuel economy – that blew us away! We just kept driving and driving and the gauge would barely move at all! During the week we did over 1000 highway kilometres and a ton in the city also and fill up to fill up we used exactly $55 in gas the entire time! I have to add too that the car was standard which I hadn’t driven in a while, and with my driving at first my husband figures that used up a big portion of the gas! 😉 After kids standard seems to lose it’s appeal – but this was super easy to drive! My husband actually loved that it was standard. When I first sat down to drive it I was a big nervous….I’ll admit it’s been over 15 years since I drove standard – there, I just aged myself, a lot! And I took off like a champ – not once did I stall the entire week! And I wondered if this was a fluke or magic or something so I made my mom drive it around the block who hadn’t driven standard in even longer I think – and no stalling either! So, quite possibly the best car to learn standard on or make yourself feel great about your driving standard skills like me!

So, who is this car for? After a week of driving it the #1 would be a new driver for sure. It’s a cheap car to purchase and uses almost no gas so perfect for a student, a first car etc.  It’s great for zipping around the city, handles well on the highway and there’s enough room for quite a bit of stuff in the trunk. But beyond that, it’s a great car for anyone who wants no or low car payments – a single person, a couple or a smaller family like ours. If you have 3 kids or more, then no of course. But if you hate the gas station then it’s a great fit for all others.

road trip bag If you’re in the market for a green vehicle, the Fiesta but also the rest of the Ford line up really delivers. They have a Farm to Road program with all kinds of amazing food items getting new life in Ford vehicles! Soybean-based foam is used in all vehicles produced in North America in seat cushions, seat back and more saving over 2.2 million kg of petroleum annually! Rice hulls are used to reinforce plastic for electrical harnesses in F-150’s! They even reuse old clothing and plastic bottles to build the vehicles! When making such a long term purchase it’s always nice to have options that really go with your lifestyle and choices.

And how did the car do with all of our many roadtrips? Well, you’ll have to wait to find out that one! Check back for all of our picks for family friendly destinations in Manitoba – there are so many places within just a few hours of the city. It’s great to get out there and explore them!

We took the Fiesta to some funny places, a cheese run, a rock quarry – this little green car even visited a camel and a Viking! Stay tuned for those!


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