Refer a friend at Costco! Bonus for you and them!

24 Jun

If you have friends or family who are always asking to go shopping with you at Costco, or getting you to pick up stuff for them, make sure to check out this offer!!It can be a great idea if you want to alternate weeks for shopping also!From now until August 30th, if you have a membership and you bring a friend or family member to the membership counter to sign up – you each will get a bonus.If they sign up for a gold membership, you each get a coupon for tortilla chips and a bag of cheese. And a coupon for $25 off of $100 purchase online.If they sign up for an executive membership, you each get the coupon for the cheese and chips, plus a coupon for $50 off a $250 purchase online.You can check out all of the fine print online.This offer is nice because both of you benefit from it. Good idea if someone was even debating a membership for mostly just gas too or propane.

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