React Mobile – An App that enhances safety for the whole family!!

17 Nov

react Our world today is so different from when we grew up – everything moves fast, people are seperated and we are all looking for ways to stay safe and in touch. Why not use technology to our advantage and help keep our families safe?

React Mobile is a new app that has a bunch of amazing features focusing on safety. It helps turn your phone into a real lifeline – you can actually pick a list of trusted contacts and keep in touch. Let’s say you’re heading to an area that you don’t feel too safe in (imagine especially on holidays) and you can let them keep track of exactly where you are. I think of those with elderly parents who have smartphones (like mine) – I would love to be able to keep track of where my mom is, especially while she’s on holidays. Or if you have a teenager and you want to keep a virtual eye on them, you can follow along on real time. And remember, this is only to your trusted list, this isn’t just for anyone. When the person reaches their destination they can hit a “i’m safe” button and let everyone know they’re ok.

In an emergency you can hit the SOS button and you can have it go to your contacts, 911 operators etc. I can think of so many applications in real life where that would come in handy. Great for realtors, people who work in homes of strangers (cleaners, homecare etc.) and you can quickly and easily let friends and family know that everything is fine.

It works in other countries too, so perfect for those traveling around the world – you can just change your settings so it contacts the proper authorities.

I like that it’s a great safety feature, not invasive or too complicated and that you can really customize it to fit your own personal needs. Perfect for someone walking home late at night, a jogger, a child, a senior – pretty much anyone! My daughter is still too young for a cellphone, but I know the day she gets one we are adding this to her phone! You can put your mind at ease without being the parent who’s always calling to find out – and hey, if you pay the bill why not be able to track them! 🙂

There are so many features on this app, you can view a demo video of React Mobile if you want to see what you can fully do with it.

It’s available for almost every phone out there, and you can download React for free. Take a look and see if it’s something that would work for your family.


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