Quick and easy ways to save money using your cell phone

29 Sep

There are a lot of free apps to help you save money. Here are a few of my favorites that I use all the time – they are very simple to use, and cover all kinds of shopping.

– The Flipp app is great because it lets you search all of the Flyers and sales for that week. You can look through the Flyers, but you can also just search an item you want to buy and see who has it on sale that week. can be very handy if you’re at a store and you want to double check that you’re getting the best price. Great if the store offers price matching also!

Checkout 51 has all kinds of extra bonuses on grocery and personal type items. You see what the offers are for that week, and if you purchase those items you take a picture of your receipt and they will credit you that amount. They send you a check once you get to over $20. It can add up very quickly depending where you shop and what kind of deals you’re finding – you can use it on items that were clearance or sale also, so you can end up getting things for free or nearly.

Flashfood is an app that shows you discounted foods from superstore, No Frills and wholesale clubs across Canada. You can check to see what’s discounted at your local store, buy it online and pick it up the same day. A lot of the items are short dated so it’s perfect if you’re picking up dinner for that night or you want to freeze it… But you can also find items that they were just overstocked on.

What are some of your favorite money saving apps?

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