Puzzle Races

10 Apr












If you’re looking for something fun to do as a family, as a couple or with the kids – this is fun for everyone! As long as you sort of like puzzles and you are very competitive!!

If you have any puzzles that have 2 or 4 different pictures in a box with the same amount of pieces each – why not have a race?

We’ve done these for years, especially in the winter during the holidays. You can work as teams if you have a really large family or little ones.












The only rule is you can only work on it at the same time, or the exact same amount of time. If you’re spreading it out over a few days and it’s in a busy area, throw a blanket over it so no one cheats with their eyeballs! There’s always those people who lean over the table and scan the pieces in advance. 🙂

And whoever finishes their puzzle first, wins!

Lots of kids puzzles come in sets like that – we had found a bunch at the used stores a few years ago. You can probably also order them from local stores or online.

It can be anywhere from 50 pieces to 1000 pieces each – as long as they have the same amount, it’s pretty fair. If you don’t have any that match, kids could do a lower number one and the parents the one with more pieces.

Let me know what kind of stuff like this your family does – always looking for new entertainment.

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