Popular Myths and Misconceptions about Self Storage

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If you’ve never had to use a storage unit before, you might have some misconceptions about the process. Read ahead to see what you’re wrong about when it comes to self-storage units and get the facts.

Misconception: They’re in the Middle of Nowhere

One common misconception about storage facilities is that they’re in the middle of nowhere. You don’t have to drive out to a lot on the side of a lone stretch of highway just to put some furniture or seasonal camping gear away for a few months.

In fact, top storage facilities pride themselves on being easily accessible. Driving to the facility and moving things into the unit shouldn’t feel like a challenge. It should be easy. That’s why you can find great facilities in big cities and suburbs. It will come in handy if you ever decide that you’re moving to Toronto or making an extended stay in Montreal in the future. A savvy storage solution won’t be far.

Misconception: They Have No Security

A self-storage unit will likely have more security features than the garage or shed in your backyard. Consider how often garage break-ins and burglaries happen during the year, where homeowners lose valuables like bicycles and expensive power tools. Facilities have secure keypad entries, individual security codes and around-the-clock video surveillance to ensure that your valuables remain untouched.

Misconception: They’re for Long-Time Use

Many people avoid using storage units because they don’t want to get pressured into making long-term commitments. Top self-storage facilities will offer more flexible timeframes and payment options. If you only need to store some furniture for a month, you can sign on for that timeframe and only pay for that brief rental. Nothing more.

Misconception: They’re Way Too Big

You don’t want to use a massive storage unit to protect a handful of boxes. The good news is that there are facilities that offer a variety of unit sizes, ranging from small 5x10ft units to 10x25ft units. So, whether you’re cleaning out your closet or emptying out a whole house, you can find the right size for your needs.

Misconception: They’re No Different from a Garage

Why would you choose a storage unit when you have a perfectly good garage to store your items? Ideally, you shouldn’t be using your garage as the ultimate storage space. There are a few things that are safe to store in the garage throughout the year, but there are a lot more that should stay far away from this area:

  • Books
  • Photographs
  • Art
  • Paper documents
  • Paints
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Leather shoes
  • Exercise equipment

Most garages have no insulation or temperature control, so the items inside are vulnerable to cold, heat and moisture. You could find that your valuables are irreparably damaged after spending a season in the garage.

Self-storage units are often clean, insulated and climate-controlled. The risk of ruining your precious valuables in one of them is low. You could put the effort into insulating your garage or adding a year-round heating/cooling system, but choosing a storage unit with these built-in features would be much more convenient.

Some misconceptions about storage units may have stopped you from using them in the past. Now that you know the facts, it doesn’t have to stop you anymore.

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