Party Rentals and more from the City of Winnipeg

28 May

If you’re planning a birthday party, picnic, family reunion etc. this summer, make sure to check out what the city offers as rentals. It’s a pretty long and surprising list!

You can rent picnic kits with a bunch of games – 2 sizes depending on how many people attending. There’s horseshoe, croquet, potato sacks and more.

There’s also an assorted sports kit – frisbees, soccer balls etc.

There’s seperate sports kits too – bowling, soccer, broomball, bocce and many many more. You get everything you need for it too.

The assortment of carnival games is pretty amazing too – and there’s also specialty items like a megaphone, bbq, fire pits and more.

You can also rent tents too!

All the info and forms for rentals is right on the city website – there’s also a fee subsidy program if applicable to the situation.

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