Palliser Sale!

27 Dec

Big half page ad in today’s Free Press – says Boxing Week Sale, Furniture Factory Outlet. Doesn’t name the company but I recognized the address. It’s up to 70% off, it starts today til friday from 10am to 6pm. If you need new furniture they usually have awesome deals on tables, sofas, bedroom sets etc.

Rules are mattresses not included in this event, can’t be combined with other offers, no price adjustments and every sale is final, as is.¬† It’s at 630 Kernaghan¬†ave door 76, ph# is 988-0800 – I’m really curious as to why they don’t name the company…could be a combined sale, they sometimes do that with the EQ3 stuff too. If anyone goes post up what you see!

3 Replies to “Palliser Sale!

  1. When we went last year there was a lady there that told us that she had been there the day before the sale started and that they had marked up the original prices before the sale started!! She had priced a chair and had come back in to buy it only to find that the “sale price” was only slightly less than full price from the day before but the “original” price had been increased significantly to look like there was a good sale.

    • That’s crazy! Always good to know your prices. We had bought some dining room chairs and are really happy with them – and knew how much comparable were. But for sure always keep an eye out for that old trick! Some pieces you can tell right away are a good deal (real wood, leather etc. at low price) but some pieces are kind of hard to tell. We did see bedframes last year that were dirt cheap – there’s usually quite a bit of EQ3 stuff there too, and that you can usually check prices online too. Hopefully there’s good deals this time, especially with 70% off.

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