Open Farm Day Manitoba 2014

16 Sep

If you’re looking for something fun and different to do this weekend, check out Open Farm Day!

It’s on Sunday September 21st at all different locations across Manitoba. It’s a great day for city kids (and parents) to check out how local farms work. You get to learn about farm life, see all kinds of demonstrations, and see how a farm runs day to day – also the best part, learn where all your products come from! And how hard farmers work!

You can check out all the different farms to visit on their site – there’s also a farm fresh dinner at the Livery Barn Restaurant in the Mennonite Heritage Village. If you haven’t checked that place out, it’s a lot of fun! And the best bread and buns around!

A great day to go out as a family and explore some unknown parts of Manitoba and learn all about farming.

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