New shopping restrictions in Manitoba

10 May

The new shopping limits and restrictions have begun in Winnipeg – and they will be in place until May 30th.

Stores can only have 10% of their capacity limit or 100 people, whichever is the lowest. For a store like Costco that means 100 people, some Sobeys have posted numbers in the 60s and 70s, and for smaller shops it could be as low as one two or three people.

Stores are asking people to shop alone as much as possible. Every additional person takes up another spot in the store. Expect long lineups at most places – depending on time of day.

Definitely a good time to take advantage of seniors hours if they’re offered at your store (if you’re a senior) – if they’re not it’s a great idea to email or call – can definitely be something they choose to go forward with.

Using the store’s own delivery system, or using instacart also is an option. Most places now offer curbside pickup. Getting someone to shop for a group when they go can also work if you arrange it together, saves everyone time and only takes up one spot in the store.

2 Replies to “New shopping restrictions in Manitoba

  1. You do a great service going to Costco and sharing pics but maybe should take a break with the current restrictions.

  2. I was at Costco today. I was shocked. Only 100 people are allowed and due to the fact that 15% were children.
    Keep you children safe at home.

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