Netflix free trial with Swagbucks!

7 Aug

Just noticed on Swagbucks that they are offering the free 30 day trial of Netflix again – and you get 1000 swagbucks for trying it out! That’s worth more than 10$ in amazon cards for trying it out! We really like Netflix – debating cancelling our cable at some point and just keeping Netflix – for 8$ a month there’s a lot for the whole family to watch. I like watching whole series, I’ve had fun watching Saving Grace, The Big C – shows like that. Lots of movies too, nothing brand new but lots of sort of new and classic ones – you can check out what’s new on Netflix

And if you are going to do the free trial make sure to do it through Swagbucks to earn all the bonus points. 

What does everyone think of Netflix? What do you wish there was more of?

3 Replies to “Netflix free trial with Swagbucks!

  1. We love netflix… Actually cancelled some channels last month…. Kids didn’t even notice…. They love watching backyardigans, and dino train… And a few others

  2. I’m sitting on the fence with Netflix, I’ve heard that they show mostly older movies that you’d probably see on other channels. Not nearly the selection available in the US. I’m confused though, do they offer tv series as well? I thought it was only movies?

    • It’s worth doing the free trial, you can see if you like it or not. There’s lots of tv series, it’s not just movies! Lots of kids tv shows too. There’s way more in the u.s., but in Canada now they’ve been adding more and more. Not the newest, but it’s nice to watch stuff when you want to watch it

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