My list of fun or useful things to do at home if you’re self isolating

24 Mar

We have been home for over a week now – quick trip out for groceries and some walks and that’s it.We are staying home because we can – so if you can, do so. If you’re out working – thank you!!! We are staying home for you, and everyone else. We all need to come together and do our parts. And for some of us, it’s being at home.

If you’re getting a little bored or antsy, here are some things I’ve come up with to do. There’s nothing special about my list, just my own ideas. For fun. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. So, add to it, let me know what you’ve come up with.

  • Start gardening! You can order seeds to plant lettuce and herbs with pretty quick results. We decided to order a bunch of sprouting seeds – those you can eat in 5-10 days and you don’t need soil either.
  • Organize your freezer – make a list of what you have and then plan some meals out. You might find some stuff at the bottom you forgot all about.
  • Organize the cupboards, pantry etc. – If you find you have things that you probably won’t use, donate them.
  • Clean the closets, basements, garage – it feels good and you can make a pile of stuff to donate later. And I bet you find a lots of fun stuff you can use now – craft kits, breadmakers, ice cream makers etc.
  • Decorate for your favourite holiday. Why not? Get creative, pull out all the stops. Make up your own holiday if you want. And share it online so you can delight others with it.
  • Watch some documentaries or listen to some podcasts – find some about topics you enjoy.
  • Join or start a virtual book or movie club. Online interaction right now is great!
  • Learn a new language – so many free and cheap programs and apps for it. I bet there’s a lot of people online right now willing to talk in that language once you’ve learned a bit. Great for brushing up on one too.
  • Craft if you can, and enjoy doing so – Make gifts for xmas, knit or sew blankets and things like that to donate down the road.
  • Redecorate or do some home repairs – painting, fixing small things around the house. All the things you’ve put off. Can order supplies online or click and collect.
  • Baking is always fun – find recipes to fit the ingredients you have. Try out new recipes, get friends and family to make the same at their house so you can “share” a meal virtually.
  • Perfect something – whether it’s a recipe, a weird trick, perfect recreation of your favourite coffee. Work at it til you’ve got it!
  • Learn or get better at an instrument – if you’re new to it try the ukulele. Cheap to order and easy to learn.
  • Mail cards to friends and family – especially to those who don’t use the internet much.
  • Decorate your windows or yard to delight passerby’s – and look for some while you’re on a walk too.
  • Make sure to keep in touch with people – whether it’s a phone call, a text, an email, video chat or waving at them through the window.
  • When you’re out walking, look for blinds open and wave to those inside.
  • Take care of yourself – workout, take more baths, journal, reach out. Ask for help if you need it.
  • Get outside – if you have a backyard, have a fire, take out your outdoor toys, bbq etc. If you don’t have a yard, head to park – just don’t go on the playgrounds etc.
  • Shop local if you can – lots of places are delivering, bringing it to your car, order giftcards online from them. If you can’t right now, plan to do so after all of this and let them know online. Share their posts, spread the word.

So, what has been keeping you occupied and entertained at home? What should I add to the list?And once again, this is for those staying at home to keep it from spreading – if you are still working, thank you. And to those having lost their jobs or facing hard times, ask for help, reach out.

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