Moonlight Madness at Toys R Us

17 Nov

Toys R Us is going to be having moonlight madness tomorrow Friday Nov. 18th. Check out the flyer to see all the crazy deals! Lots of toys 1/2 price – there’s tons of baby stuff too. There’s the neat and tidy cottage for 100$!! Those are hard to find at garage sales, and they often sell used for around that price. My daughter had that one years ago, I’m pretty sure that’s what we sold it for when she was done. 60% off thomas trains and a set. Fijits are 40$. Lots of great deals! I’m guessing the stores will be crazy!

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  1. I am wondering what you are planning on getting for you daughter this year for Xmas. As you know I have a granddaughter who is more or less the same age (5). I am actually having trouble thinking of what I might get her. I don’t want to spend a fortune on her gift, but no matter what, I just have not idea. Any suggestions? She had a lot of toys and educational things and I got her a DVD player a few years ago… just have no idea this year.

    • I’m not too sure this year, she has so much already. She’s not even really asking for anything. She wants that Leappad, but I’m not too sure on that one, will be reading reviews for it. The crayola crayon maker she’s shown interest in. Have you seen the new toys, Bizus? She got a sample at the Forks a few months ago and really like it – they’re pretty cheap too. A lot of our gifts we will be getting at shoppers on the big redemption day, saw they have princess blankets (snuggie style) and a few other things like that. Would your granddaughter like games? I am getting her princess-opoly…there’s lots of good games to play together. I’ll post more ideas in the next few weeks for sure – we’re just a bit stuck now for ideas too. Hard age.

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