Monster Jam – A great family event with lots of excitement!

16 Feb

kids help phone  If you’re wondering if Monster Jam is for you, here’s our take on it!

We are not the most monster truck type family – but somehow this gets us every year. We’ve gone a few times now, and every year everyone has a great time!

If you love Monster trucks then you have your answer, if you don’t I think it’s about being out of your element and enjoying the noise and the cheering and the action! It’s fun to see all the big jumps and cars being crushed – and you know everyone is secretly (or not) waiting for some sort of a crash. There’s always big action, lots of great events and lots of variety.

At last nights show there was some great Monster truck races, some quad wars – and our new favourite – a transformer type of robot car skit. I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but it was 2 cars that come apart and become robots. They are speaking to each other (in awesome 80’s robot voices) and then they battle! Which included fire, fireworks and a big finale!! That was really cool, and not something I’ve ever seen before.

We got to go to a Monster Jam/Kids Help Phone event this weekend – they’ve teamed up for the Canadian part of the tour and it was fun to get to listen to the drivers and speakers talk about not only racing, but great ways to deal with bullies. It’s a really good anti-bullying campaign. I learned a lot on how to help my child deal with bullies (which i will be posting more about later) and some really neat facts and info about monster trucks – like how the tires are 5’6″! My exact height! It’s great that these two have teamed up! The kids wrote down what they didn’t like about being bullied and this poster was put on the crush car you see above – their worries and fears were literally crushed by Cam McQueen and Northern Nightmare!

If you’re looking for a fun night out, either as a date or with the whole family, check out Monster Jam for sure! Everyone has fun being loud and getting to cheer and boo – an exciting time out for all!

What is your favourite part of the Monster Jam shows? Who is your favourite truck and driver?

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