Michael’s $5 Grab boxes

23 Jan

All the Michael’s in Winnipeg today had $5 grab boxes at opening. Most locations across Canada and the US have been doing their grab boxes lately. They always do these after major holidays, this one was just extra huge because the store had been closed for so long.

They are $5 each and contain a random assortment of items. This time it was mostly Christmas and Halloween, with some random craft sets etc.

I shopped for several friends and family members so that only one of us had to go to the store, I spent under $60 on everything for all of us.

The one Halloween skull decoration was originally $80, so everything else was gravy. I’ve always wanted a Halloween wreath but never wanted to spend $90 on one, that was my favourite thing today I think.

Everything pictured will be divied up – and then my favourite part is finding homes for the rest. Lots of great art sets and craft kits, perfect to donate to schools and art clubs.

I tried to take pictures of most things, but I know I missed quite a bit. Let me know what you found in yours!!

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