Merry movie season at Landmark Theatres – gift card deal is back!

10 Nov

I absolutely love going to landmark theatres to see a movie, just can’t beat those super comfy seats. I like their prices on snacks too, and selection.

If you’re a fan too, this is a great time to pick up some gift cards for the year. Either for gifts, or just for when you go to the movies regularly.

When you buy a $30 card, do you get a booklet of $30 in coupons too. Things like movie deals, free popcorn, free drink etc.

And when you’re using that $30 gift card, remember to keep in mind that they have great deals on tickets during the week too. They have kids day, seniors day, movies in the morning or cheaper, special deals on Tuesdays and more.

You can buy the gift card at the theatre or online, and you can check out all of the extra coupons too.

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