McDonald’s Halloween Book of Treats

4 Oct

halloween  Right now McDonald’s is selling their Treat Books again.

These are perfect for Halloween – each one has 5 coupons in it. 2 for ice cream cones, 2 for apple pies and 1 for a small fry.

Each coupon also has a cute mask above it, witch, bunny, frankenstein and super hero looking ones.

The books are only $1 each – great buy for 5 items! The coupons are valid until Dec. 31st 2014 and can only be redeemed by those 12 and under.

If you don’t get a lot of kids at your house this is a great option – can either give full books if you really only get a handful of kids, or one coupon per kid if you get tons of kids. We picked up a few just for little treats on the go.

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