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15 Mar


Did you know that 1 in 6 kids in Canada face hunger on a regular basis? And 1 in 8 families face the same?

That is unbelievable, and something as parents we all need to be aware of. Imagine when making your kids lunch to go to school that there just isn’t anything to send. What do you do? And not just kids saying – there’s nothing to eat. If there really was nothing to eat in the house, and you had to send your kid to school hungry.

Maple Leaf has been working hard to lower those numbers and I was given the opportunity to donate $100 for food. I chose to donate it to a local school that doesn’t have a lunch program – when kids forget or just simply don’t have a lunch they rely on the school and donations. It’s something I think a lot of us don’t think about, we donate to other schools – but what about the kids living right in your area? I encourage everyone to ask their local school, do they need food? Are there families that could benefit from that, whether it’s for lunch or even as an extra to take home to the family. This is the first year that I’ve actually been contacted by teachers who are sending food home for their students – it’s a good time to pitch in if you can! Time to take the shame out of needing food, and make it available for those who need it. If someone is hungry, let’s feed them!

Maple Leaf has been donating to local families across the country, $100 per family to 10,000 families! And they want your help to find people deserving of a $10,000 #FeedItForward donation. It can be an organization or a person who has been volunteering to make a difference. And by nominating someone you’re entered to win some free groceries too!

I love this! With grocery prices going up, it’s nice to see an initiative like this, and that we can all participate and have our say. Please make sure to go nominate a person or charity in your area – it can make such a big difference!




“This blog post was sponsored by Maple Leaf Foods but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.”

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  1. I would love to nominate Kelly Barefoot, Kelly met her husband online and they were married , her husband , who is from Goergia moved to Mn. To be closer to his wife, and after over 4 years of paperwork with Immagration . (Michael was just given (word ) Immagration papers that he has been excepted ! They have a little boy in pre-school in Winnipeg and it hasn’t been easy on them at all. She also has three beautiful daughters as well. So I believe if anyone should be nominated, It should be them. I might like to say that Michael server 2 full terms as a medic in Iraq . They are very deserving.! Thank You !

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