ManyFest Winnipeg 2018 – Food trucks, outdoor movies and much more!

5 Sep

If you’re looking for something fun, and different to do this weekend, check out Manyfest downtown.

It runs from Friday Sept. 7th to Sunday the 9th and there’s a ton happening for the whole family – and a lot just for the grownups too.

There’s a big vendors market, Lakeside lounge for the adults which has music and entertainment, Wonder Shows will be set up there, Food Truck wars, and much much more!

There’s also movies in the park – Friday night it’s ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saturday it’s Toy Story and Jurassic Park.

It’s in Memorial Park and on Broadway which is closed for several blocks for it. There’s quite a bit of parking in the area, but great idea to bike or bus, or walk there if you can.

If you’re going for the food trucks, it gets crazy busy so be ready to wait in lines – always a good idea to bring some cash too to events like this.

You can plan out your whole weekend on their website – there really is a lot going on.


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