Manitoba Fall Suppers 2019

8 Sep

If you’re hungry and looking to support your community (or a new one) Fall Suppers are the way to go!

They’re a fun way to connect with your community or meet new people. Great way to check out a new town too. Lots of great food – and best of all, tons of desserts!

You don’t have to live in the town, or nearby to participate at all. It’s a great way to meet up as a group for dinner too. Make a day of it – check out a new area and then finish it off with a huge meal!

They usually have great pricing for kids – you can buy tickets either at the door or in advance – and it’s a great way to financially support all kinds of programs in that area. It’s just great for community spirit too – bring the kids or the elderly for a visit. And so many pies!! 🙂

Lots of amazing volunteers work hard on these, so don’t forget to thank them too.

You can check a lot of them out online – there’s even a facebook group for them too!


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