Manitoba Culture Days!

18 Sep

From Sept. 28th to 30th there is a crazy amount of stuff going on around the province for Culture Days – there’s really something for everyone. My birthday falls on that weekend, and I usually never know what to do – now there’s almost too much to choose from! 😉

Check out their website to plan it out – and it’s for all of Manitoba, there’s activities everywhere. Like a pop up film festival in Brandon, Tea and Scones and the Miami museum, all kinds of art shows, a Dark and Scary night at the St. Boniface museum (sounds creepy!), all kinds of music, theatre and dance! There’s even a chalk walk in the exchange – we just saw a Chalk art show in Calgary last week and it was really neat to see what people could do with chalk.

This sounds like an amazing weekend to get out there and see Manitoba, celebrate how awesome our province is!  What is everyone going to check out? Will you stay in your own area, or drive out to other parts of the province. And any suggestions as to what I should be checking out?

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