Luxury and winter weather with the Lincoln MKX

7 Mar


If you’re in the market for a luxury vehicle, the Lincoln MKX is a great choice.

We drove this car during a snowy and cold week and it was so nice to be super warm and comfy in it. It has all the features you want in a crossover, it handles extremely well on snow and ice but has all the luxuries you’d expect in a Lincoln too. Super comfy seats with buttery leather, heated seats and steering wheel that heat up almost instantly and keep you cozy, and amazing cameras on the front, back and sides.

It’s large enough inside for a big family – you can even stop in at Ikea and buy a bed frame, which we did and it fit nicely in there with lots of room to spare. I like that you can have a fancy car that can still pull it’s weight with a family and big errands.

IMG_20160210_151252The navigation and screens in this car are great and super easy to use. Everything is push button too which takes a bit to get used to, but is so nice after you do. When you want to go into park or drive you just push a button, keeps the dash really streamlined too.

Winnipeg weather really puts cars through some tough obstacles and this one was great! We drove across town to check out a new store and got stuck in some major traffic – an hour in this car kept everyone comfortable and you can’t really complain with the cozy seats and great sound system.

It’s a great city and highway car too – these Lincolns really have a lot of power and you feel it. I like how discreet they are too, but if needed you have an amazing amount of speed at your fingertips.


It’s so quiet inside too – the active noise control is such a great feature. Another thing with Winnipeg roads too is pot holes and all kinds of bumps. The ones we go over daily and now how much it rattles a normal vehicle were nothing to the MKX. It’s an amazingly smooth ride, even going through the worst of Winnipeg roads. Makes such a big difference for comfort and control.

This vehicle is a great choice if you’re looking for a higher end vehicle and want all those extra perks and comfort. Perfect for a single person or a couple, but really works well for a family also since there’s so much room and comfy kids are quiet kids! 🙂


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