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7 Dec

Here’s another update about coupon stacking from the managers at London Drugs St. Vital:

There will no longer be any stacking allowed on Finish brand products – you can still use 1 coupon, but no more than that.

Also, they wanted to remind everyone that the stores will be very busy in December and as much as possible to avoid stacking on the weekends. Line ups are long so trying to keep everyone happy during holiday shopping! 🙂 You can still stack on those days of course, but for the people who go every day or very often maybe try to avoid those days. Be organized, go to customer service…any other advice?

A big thanks to the management at London Drugs for the heads up on this! Better to know before going, and helps to keep things organized and have concrete rules.

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  1. Can people post what coupons you CAN still stack at London Drugs? almost all of the coupons I’ve seen lately have changed their wording to say only one manufacturer coupon allowed, and I didn’t think it was possible to stack anything any more with all the restricted wording on coupons.

    So for us less experienced stackers, if anyone has advice on which coupons and wording are still permitted, that would be fabuolous! Maybe I’ll get back to London Drugs one of these days.

  2. JUst a heads up that superstore sometimes have their coupon out for FInish and you can stack that with a manufacture’s coupon.

  3. This is what happens when people abuse the system! I have been stacking at London Drugs for years, with no problems! I knew Extreme Couponing would ruin it for the people that have been doing this for years, and not being gluttons. It sickens me that people feel entitled to all this free stuff, but yet can go have garage sales to sell their “free stuff” for a profit. Mark my words, London Drugs by the end of next year will eliminate stacking of all coupons.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to save money an use coupons but abusing the system and companies that offer coupons is total crap!

    • I couldn’t agree with your more. We stacked for a long time, and everyone was reasonable. Then the fever hit and it got to be too crazy. I hear some people go 3-4 times a day to stack! I’ve been there and seen people clear shelves, do multiple orders etc. just to get more. At some point everyone has enough stuff, and even if people claim they are donating it all it still burned it all out for the rest of us. Feel really bad for people who were stacking for diapers, it was such a money saver before. I don’t stack at LD anymore, but do go there for the good sales, tassimo coffee etc. And it’s kind of freaky to see what people resort to (fake coupons, overdoing it etc.)

      • The one that got me was the Aveeno deal! I saw a woman pre-order like 100 plus shampoos etc, so she could get the lip treatment. I bought 2 items, and waited 3 months for the 2 lip therapy! I like you am not using LD as much, cause it sickens me to see the pure greed, that people are amassing.

        I have been doing this so long, that I remember clipping UPC’s with my mom and sending them off for offers and rebates.

        All I think of is the “The three little pigs”, the abusers are huffing and puffing and screwing it for all of us!

        Coupons have been around for years, and now everyone is on the bandwagon, and once everyone can’t stack and get as many things for free, the abusers and the fairweather people will dissipate!

        • I’m wondering now if it’s not sort of an addiction for some people, coupons and free stuff? Even with me writing a blog all about couponing I go shopping probably on average once or twice a week….and that’s usually just for groceries. Not sure what is happening, if it’s a competition to some, an addiction, who knows? But it’s all very strange to me, and kind of sad. 100 shampoos is crazy! 🙂

          • I think it’s a fantasy that they see on t.v. I believe that these abusers are spending more money on their”good deals”, then I am, looking and planning my weeks. I have a binder with my coupons, I search flyers for deals, I make my list and shop once a week. I save a lot of money in the years using coupons and common sense, and guess what I don’t stack a lot of coupons to save money.

            I have 3 growing boys, and I do have a stock pile of cereal (eat a box a day), and toilet paper (I have 3 bathrooms). In the beginning I would go out and hoard more, but then I grew up and learned that there will be another sale! I also learned which “POINT CARD” works for my family.

          • In regards to point cards, what I was referring to is like the Shoppers Optimum, or the PC financial credit card etc… We have different point cards that serve our family well!!! Just don’t get sucked into every promotional card that is out there. Do what is right for you!

          • For us it’s optimum all the way. And some airmiles here and there (especially at polo park). I’ve tried a lot of these programs and with optimum it’s always a big win. Like at sobey’s it takes forever to get to 5$! At shopper’s on 20x you get back so much! My favourite thing is converting people to shopper’s – it”s like a little cult! And once people are hooked, they are soooo hooked! It’s the only store I will really try to force people to try it out – and everyone who has, has stuck with it after. Getting rewarded like that for buying milk, eggs etc. is almost too good to be true. My mom and grandma did their first ever redemptions with me and both couldn’t believe it – it was fun to see.

          • Yeah I love Shoppers Optimum! I have been using this for many many years! We use the Visa Avion which is great for our family as we like to travel and with 5 in the family flights are costly. We collect Air miles, but only for gifts not flights as we do not like having blackout times, and you can only fly Air Canada or West Jet. I despise Superstore, so the PC financial isn’t for our family! All depends on what your family likes.

  4. Ohh snap, I am moving back to Winnipeg on the 17th. I better brush up on the rules at L.D. in St. Vital. I have become very familiar with my locations over the years but I guess I never realized that each L.D. will have different rules/policies. I have been doing a stacking shop every sunday since my son was born. I don’t even understand how someone can go 3-4 times a day!! Ahh!!

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