London Drugs – coupon stacking update

18 Jan

There have been a lot of rumours and speculation online about what is going at London Drugs with coupon stacking. Here is the official update for the Winnipeg location:

London Drugs has been asked by Scrubbing Bubbles and Finish to no longer allow stacking of coupons on their products. Aveeno is still possible to stack on, but could change at some point.

The wording “cannot be combined with any other offer” is still possible to stack with as it’s open to interpretation…the wording “cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotions” is not valid for stacking on any products.

Here is my 2 cents: London Drugs has been awesome to allow stacking all these years. It takes a lot of employee time and patience to deal with the many stacks, so let’s treat them right. I see a lot of people name calling online and on facebook – some to the point of even posting up employee names. Follow their rules, be respectful – they’re a great store! I love our local LD! I always find the best clearance there, and an awesome variety of food I can’t find anywhere else. Sure, stacking has changed, but we all knew it would happen at some point. Once people start overdoing it, clearing shelves, ordering caseloads etc. we knew it wouldn’t last. We were lucky it stayed pretty quiet for a year and a lot of us got great deals during that time. If anyone has any questions or concerns post them up – new to stacking? not sure of how to do it? Let me know and I can clarify.

4 Replies to “London Drugs – coupon stacking update

  1. A shout out to London Drugs… I don’t use coupons much but I love that store, too. They always have such interesting products and stuff you can’t find anywhere else. When I lived in Vancouver there were THREE London Drugs stores in my neighbourhood… I went into serious withdrawal when I moved here. When I’m at St. Vital Centre I always make a stop at LD to see what’s new. A great store, and I hope they expand in Winnipeg one of these days!

  2. Thanks for posting this about the wording! Made it VERY clear! Going today to stack on Splenda and Children’s tylenol (with ad match)

  3. Isn’t that the way it ‘always’ is – with pretty well every good thing….. a few stupid and greedy people ruin it for everyone else. Either by cheating or by using it indiscriminately or whatever. If people only started having some consideration and respect for others we could all benefit.

  4. Hi there I started with coupons about a year ago and been on/off,know I am trying to learn more about stacking and the correct wording seems there are so many different wording on coupons find it confusing at times,lol and yu say I can stack on foods?/
    WOW something else I never knew…any information you can pass on will accept it
    I also want to add great website nice to know this is from Winnipeg so the deals you post here are here,lol

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