Local Holiday shopping ideas in Winnipeg

13 Nov

If you are trying to plan out your holiday shopping and want to support a lot of local businesses – it’s very easy to do.

We are lucky to have so many great choices, and a lot of local businesses that have stepped up and gone online, curbside pickup etc.

– One great place to start if you need things shipped across Canada, or want to look for very specific personalized type items is Etsy. You can find almost anything there!

– Fromagerie Bothwell on Provencher has a great supply of cheese of course but also many, many local items. From specialized foods to handmade items – easy place to get it all done at once.

St. Norbert Farmers market is still running in person a few days a week and they have online options. Check their website for the most up-to-date info, lots and lots of choices for local shopping there.

Generation Green has shopping options available and lots of great gift ideas.

Kite and kaboodle has all kinds of toys, games, puzzles – lots of gift ideas but also just stuff to keep entertained all winter long. Check their website or social media for their updates on shopping.

McNally Robinson has a lot of gift ideas, but also lots of local books which always make nice gifts! Great time to check out some local authors!

Picking up gift cards or gift certificates for local businesses is a great way to help them out while they’re closed and also will make for some fun activities next year. Get a certificate for an arcade, bowling, their favorite hair salon, nail salon, restaurant etc – for kids you could put together whole activities like that, family days, a special grandparent Day etc.

These are just a very small percentage of what we have to offer, I will keep posting these up so let me know what your favorites are and I’ll make sure to include them in the next one!!

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