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29 Aug

How did it go for everyone today who was trying to register for classes? Did you get what you wanted? How long did you have to wait? I was pretty frustrated the last few times doing it on the phone – but was never even able to get through their site. This time we chose not to do any classes, there weren’t very many in our area that were a good fit. Did anyone go down and register in person?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to improve it? I’ve always wondered why they don’t do swimming registration seperately, like morning is everything else, swimming in the afternoon, or the next day. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been for people trying to phone 311 for any other reason today!

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  1. Ok, TERRIBLE experience today with the Leisure guide. I wanted to register my 3 year old for swimming classes so I did everything they told me to, get my user id and Pin ready, and get a variety of class ID’s in the event that the one you want is full. I work full time and since registration began at 9am I had to do this sort of privately so everybody didn’t hear what I was doing. I close the office door and start dialing…. busy….. busy….busy for 1.5 hrs! While trying to dial I’d occasionally check the web site only to get “too busy” . Finally I got through and waited another 1/2 hr on 311 hold. A guy finally answers so I start listing my course numbers (I thought I was pretty organized having about 8 different ones to choose from). They were all full. So he offers to check if any of the sessions have availability at the pool I want – Nope.. full. then he goes to other pools… Nope…full. The only one that had an opening was clear at the other end of the city. I thanked him and them asked if I could log a complaint about the system to which he kindly complied. Now I have no swim class for my daughter and I feel like an idiot for wasting 3 hrs for my company’s time! It’s simply a terrible system.

  2. I went in person. I didn’t want swimming this time so I didn’t go that early. I was there about about 9:30 and it took till 11:30 to sign up for my sons soccer. I asked if any of the swimming that I might have been interested in was available and they were all full. BUT for winter registration I am going to get my husband to go and get our number for 6:30-7am or whenever it opens and then get him to drop off the number while he goes back to work and then show up at 8:45 for the 9am registration. I talked to a lady who did that this time around and she got what she wanted. Obviously most people work and don’t have that option but if you really want the class I suggest taking the morning off work (if possible) or get somebody to go for you. and do it this way. I don’t work but I don’t have a vehicle during the day but I am lucky enough to have family help to babysit and drive me to where I need to go. So that is exactly what I will be doing next time. For Winter registration i will be trying to get all three of my kids in swimming lessons for the same time and 2 of them in the same class, so I might even need to camp out the night before…LOL.

    The system is terrible, my suggestion is to have seperate days for all types of classes. Swimming one day, Skating a different day, Senior and Adult on a different day etc..

  3. It was crazy! I tried to login in at 8:30 so that I would be ready and started getting busy signals from then until after 11. I started calling every 15 seconds from 9 to almost 11 and only ever got a busy signal.
    The only reason I stopped is that I told a friend that I couldn’t get through and she said she would try for me and got through online in about 10 minutes. She actually did my registration for me and luckily I did get my second choices but I was choosing swimming during the weekday which is probably the only reason I got in at all.
    I did hear that people started lining up outside Margaret Grant pool at 4:30 to get a number and that they were up to 104 by 9!
    It’s ridiculous. I’m lucky I dont’ work mornings but know parents who took time off or called in sick so that they could register and then didn’t even get into anything.

  4. I actually lucked out and was able to get through online after 7 minutes. Last spring session was a totally different story though when it took me almost 3 hours to get through and then there was some sort of computer glitch and it wouldn’t show any of the classes at my local pool for another 1 1/2 hours and needless to say, every swimming class at every day and time was full by then. I did log in a complaint and asked why they don’t split up registration between 2 days with swimming one day and the other classes the next. I was contacted with an apology and an explanation that they have to do one day of registration because many people want to sign up for multiple classes and they need to be able to do it all in one day. I understand that reasoning but this current system isn’t working for anyone, something needs to be changed.

    • It really doesn’t make sense – if people need to get it all done in one day that’s fine, but it’s obviously not working for either. I think most parents would be fine with it split up – you could even do it a week later or something like that.

  5. I was able to get in online after about 45 minutes of trying. I just kept refreshing (even though it says not too) and I had no issues. I was just registering for skating as the kids are already registered for swimming at the University which is so much more relaxed when it comes to registration.

  6. I managed to get my daughter in swimming. It was a long effort, took over 3 hrs. It’s a good thing I’m on mat leave right now and can keep trying on the computer. I don’t know how I would go about it if I was working.

    I think the system is getting worse and worse each season. There is also no other alternatives.
    You think they would just add more spaces! Especially for the swimming classes.

  7. I got my son in skating but no swimming for either child. The sad part, they removed one of the classes I had for picks for my daughter but it was all full anyway.

    I agree, they should do swimming at one time, then other kids activities the next day and then adult stuff and open up after that.

    AND to top it all off, I can’t even get my daughter on the wait list because she doesn’t turn 6 for 4 days after the class starts… she MUST (according to 311 per Red Cross) be 6 on the first day of classes.. So I said I will have her miss the first class and she can then be 6 on the class she starts at… bunch of bunk for 4 stinkin days!!!

    I feel like they are charging us more and putting less classes… our city is awful.

    Anyone know if YMCA is red cross registered classes?

    • Can you have them alter her birthdate to an earlier date? (Tell them it’s a mistake or something if you have to). You can always have it corrected later on. They did this for me when my daughter was too young for a course that she was ready for.

  8. Well, this was the easiest registration I’ve ever done. I had two computers up and running, refreshing automatically every 5 mins. I was also on the phone trying to get through. I was pleasantly surprised (also SHOCKED!) to look at the computer screen and to find that I could actually log in. We were registered for everything by 9:30am. First time that has ever happened.

    I fully agree that the current system just isn’t working!

    • It’s kind of funny and sad to think that an “easy” registration means having to have 2 computers and a phone. I remember last time we did it I actually had my then 4 year old redialing on the cell phone as i was trying to get through on the computer and home phone…. We are obviously not the only ones having problems, check out http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Citys-recreation-programs-too-popular-128698428.html and http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/08/30/parents-miffed-at-swimming-lesson-sellout

      • It is sad, isn’t it! I’ve been at work trying to register during my break, and it’s impossible. I work in a school….so it’s not like I can close an office door or anything and spend hours trying to get through. I’ve had my brother trying to get through as well..then we just text whoever got through first. He was livid at how hard it can be to get through! I read the articles, the system needs to change. Apparently everyone who works at 311 is ‘on’ for registration day and it’s beyond chaotic. Things need to change – I complain every time, yet nothing gets done. The city and province wants our kids to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle but they will make the parents and guardians go through hell to do it!

  9. I had the easiest time ever, got thru online on the second refresh. But spring was a different story. Once I finally got thru classes were full. But I did go back to the site the Friday of that week and was shocked to see that they had added some swimming classes and got both kids registered for the same time and night. So maybe they might add classes this time too, so check back later in the week.

    • That’s a great tip! I was surprised last year, I decided really late to put my daughter in a french camp (like not too long before it started) and was surprised that there was tons of spots left.

  10. I used to get into courses years ago when it wasn’t so crazy to sign up. Except for the few exceptions that got through yet didn’t previous years, may I suggest that every continue to keep sending in complaints along with the above noted good suggestions. If enough people complain repeatedly, surely those in charge will get the message. I agree by reading these posts, that since doing everything in one day doesn’t work, that if they split up certain areas for certain days (registration days), that those who need to register would rather register for 3-5 days each day but at least be successful to get through and get what they want vs one call, one day and after hours of waiting, get nowhere.

    I especially understand those that are at work and can’t make personal calls and/or long calls.

    Again, repeated complaints to those that be will be the only way this will change. If not, it’ll be worse as each year passes.

    And as for going through 311, as much as the people at 311 are great to deal with, the entire 311 system is crap. Recently when we were paying taxes and I needed to contact anybody, I didn’t care, at Wpg City Tax Office, I had to go through 311. Needless to say, after 3 separate calls back and forth, numerous emails trying to get my message given clearly, did I finally get my result. A few years ago all it took was one call to Wpg Tax Office, spoke to one of the admin staff, he/she took my concern or question, I had it answered and all was well. Going through a third party (311) is crap (sorry to say).

    One thing I did learn if 311 is busy during the day (as I’ve had to wait for hours at a time on some occasions, you have to call in the middle of the night (they are 24/7 service). At that time of the night ie 2 or 3 am, it was real easy getting through on the first try with 311. It is very inconvenient to have to wake up in the middle of the night to get through but it does work. But in this instance (registrations), when you need immediate contact, even emails don’t really work to 311.

  11. I tried and didn’t get in. I also thought that they weren’t offering as many swim classes as they usually did. So I’m looking at other options. We’ll see how or if I make out. I know the YMCA offers swimming, but I’m not sure they follow Red Cross, it might be something different. Plus than you also have to purchase a membership, which for a child isn’t bad $20 a month I think, but I’m not sure about the actual swimming schedule. You’d have to phone the nearest Y to you.

  12. I went online at 9:00 am and got a session around 9:20. I registered both my kids in swimming, different classes but same time and then also another class for my daughter. I prefer using online because I can catch up on this site while I’m waiting 🙂 or surf for coupons 🙂

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