Kids Birthday Party locations in Winnipeg for 2020

11 Feb

If you’re planning a kids birthday party in Winnipeg – there are so many amazing locations to choose from!

Make sure to book far in advance as possible, as a lot of places fill up very quickly.

Lots of great choices whether you’re having a small or large party too – and something for every type of birthday kid!

These aren’t just for parties either – great for get togethers, or just ideas for new fun things to go check out with the kids.

  • Curbside Game Box brings the video games right to you – lots of games and consoles to choose from and great for events too.
  • A Maze in Corn has group booking sites that are available for birthday parties – bonfire pits, bbqs, picnic tables etc – fun in summer and winter!
  • Kismet Creek farm has a party room available to rent all year round, at very affordable rates. Two hour rentals as low as $50 and guests going on a sanctuary tour get 10% off admission. Birthday child goes for free.
  • A Pinch of Creativity has a lot of crafty ideas for parties – up to 8 kids and you can customize the theme. Good for a wide age range, and not just for kids either 🙂
  • Flying Squirrel offers 2 different sizes of parties – great for smaller parties too.
  • Across The Board Game has several different packages – lots of super fun board games and yummy snacks.
  • Tinkertown has no formal party available – but it’s a popular choice, just first come first served for picnic area.
  • MyGym has 3 choices for parties to choose from.
  • DIY Craft Bar has choices for tween and teen parties – fun projects for that age group.
  • FunPark has 3 packages to choose from.
  • Aunt Monica’s attic has Royal Tea Party’s with special guests.
  • KidCity has 3 packages and 2 locations to choose from.
  • Canlan Ice Sports has either skating or soccer parties – different packages to choose from too.
  • Heights Archery has parties available.
  • Assiniboine Zoo offers 3 different packages for parties – and you can add animal encounters too.
  • Artful Owl offers all kinds of art parties – for kids or adults.
  • Coronation Bowling has 2 party packages to choose from.
  • Innovative Martial Arts offers a complete birthday party.
  • Vertical Adventures offers weekend parties for 2 hour slots and a party room.
  • Prairie Exotics has 3 choices for parties – and lots of choices for animals and creatures.
  • Brush Fire offers a few party choices – lots of choices for items too.
  • YMCA offers 2 types of parties – look into a membership if booking there.
  • Ryan Price Magic has 2 choices for parties. Great for larger events too.
  • Lasertopia has 3 party choices – laser tag and more.
  • Crockadoodle has a lot of different creative choices for parties.
  • Heartland Archery offers 3 types of parties – depending if you want food etc.
  • GymKyds offers 3 types of birthday packages.
  • The Portal has a few options for parties – and lots of great virtual reality games for any age range.
  • Mordens Chocolate offers a yummy party package – and you can even print out golden ticket invites.
  • Jackpotts has 4 different party packs to choose from.
  • The Beach has a lot of party and event packages – there’s beach volleyball, beach soccer and much more. Fun party idea during winter.
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes have birthday parties available for baseball fans – even get a birthday announcement during the game.
  • Thunder Rapids has choices for parties – lots of possible activities.
  • Winnipeg Humane Society offers 3 types of party packages – great for little animal lovers.
  • River City Bubble Ball has a lot of packages to choose from – great for parties or events.
  • Park Theatre lets you rent out the whole thing – kids can play movies, video games etc. – could be fun for home movies or a big family event also.
  • The Golf Dome offers a party package with no minimum number of kids.
  • Landmark Cinemas has different choices for parties – can add party room too.
  • UPuttz has changed their party packages – laser tag, bumper cars, video games etc.
  • Mad Science Manitoba offers different themes and packages for kids age 5-11. Fun add ons too.
  • The Food Studio offers food workshops for parties geared to the age range.
  • Uptown Alley has a lot of choices for parties – bowling, laser tag, games and more. A lot of add ons too.
  • Cineplex has 2 packages for movie parties.
  • Fun With Composers offers a lot of music themed parties for a wide age range.
  • Childrens Museum has a lot of choices – even after hours parties too. Lots of activities and add ons also.
  • Manitoba Museum has a lot to pick from, from size to themes etc. Lots of adds on too.
  • Dartpocalypse offers a lot of packages to choose from for parties or events.
  • Manitoba Moose have a few party options – birthday kid gets their name on LED Board too.
  • Sweet Impressions has bakery parties or party in a box kit too.
  • Ctrl V offers virtual reality parties.

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