Keeping Kids Busy During Spring Break with #Hasbro

20 Mar

As a parent, keeping kids busy during spring break can be a bit tricky. There’s a lot of fun stuff happening around the city, but if you’re looking for some fun stuff to do at home with the kids Hasbro has you covered! 🙂

nerfThe Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow is a really fun toy for kids – boys and girls!

My daughter had been eyeing this one at Christmas – I thought it was an outdoor only toy so told her to wait til summer. We got one to try out, and glad we did! Ends up it really can be an indoor/outdoor toy. My husband was just as enthusiastic as her, and they had some crazy shooting competitions in the house. I yelled at first to go outside, then realized the darts really are super soft…I realized this as they accidentally shot our windows….Lucky for us this is well made and thought out for crazy kids and husbands and safe for all situations! 🙂

I found this to be a really fun and neat toy – my daughter loves being able to do it herself. You need a little power to pull back all the way and keep it steady, but she’s easily able to do it and is pretty accurate in her shots.

With the cold weather here it’s only been indoors so far – we set up targets and made up some really fun games for it. Waiting for warmer weather to really test this out outside, the darts can go up to 75 feet!! We’re already planning to take it to the park and see how far she can shoot it. Just make sure you’re on good terms with your neighbours when using it outdoors as you might be having to go for a visit to pick up stray darts! 🙂

I really like toys like this, it’s fun for the kids, they’re learning a skill and some patience and it’s something that kids can just be kids with. The darts really are super soft (don’t shoot them in your eyes obviously) but apart from that I can safely say you can shoot any other body part as my 2 did so with no tears – just lots of laughs!


If you’re looking to add a new game to your collection, Clue is always a family favourite. After many years of playing Clue Jr., I was happy to upgrade to the classic Clue game! This one is for 8 and up, so perfect timing for us.

The fun part of this one is that the board is reversible, one is a classic murder mansion and the other one is a boardwalk with a surf theme.

We had a lot of fun playing this one, and I’m just glad to be playing a harder version finally!! Our other one was quite worn out!

My daughter loves the secrecy of it – you get special cards and you can hide stuff and try to be sneaky about it. Made for a fun night trying to trick each other. And there’s some special cards with this one that give you some special abilities too!

Great updated version of a classic game that everyone will enjoy!

Both these toys are available at all local stores – along with a ton of other Hasbro toys to make spring break fun!


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